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I am a father, husband, hockey player, cyclist, gamer, information security professional, and life-long learner.  I am currently based in Charlotte, North Carolina, USA.


During my career in InfoSec, I have been fortunate enough to work for and with truly amazing people.  The same can be said for my time playing hockey and cycling.  


While in Info Sec I’ve managed to be engaged in just about every project and role under the sun.  I’ve been tasked with securing VoIP / UC deployments twice.  I’ve been an Incident Responder twice, a Pre-Sales architect twice, a consultant a few times, and an engineer on a smattering of occasions.  I’ve even dabbled in penetration and vulnerability testing…poorly.  My most recent roles have been: Principal Architect - Data Protection and Privacy, Solutions Director - Information Security, and Global Director of Security Pre-Sales.


This site’s content contains my thoughts on InfoSec but it also has posts on the other things I enjoy…when I can find a few minutes to write about them.  Those things include cycling (road and mountain), ice hockey, gaming, and music. 

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